Nuriz Palace Hotel

Stay with calm and contemporary style even in city.

Dewan Che Som or Che Som Hall

Gathering, reunion, even wedding ceremony also have been done here.

Nuriz Palace's Room

5 star room facilities.

Nuriz Palace's Cafe

Village food, western, steamboat can be taste at here.

Nuriz Shoppe and Spa

Relaxing your body with our spa treatment.


Nuriz Palace Hotel is located in the Bandar Amanjaya,  
Sungai Petani, Kedah Darul Aman.
 Its near to Hospital Pantai,  and Community College Sg Petani. 
It's open for the business on 2 October 2010.
Nuriz Palace Hotel also face to Kolej Insaniah.  
On the external and internal renovation exclusive classic taste with the 
atmosphere of peace and harmony, away from busy roads. 
Only 1km from the toll Sungai Petani Utara, 3km to the business areas  
such as Village Mall, Tesco, banks, IPD, a wide variety of businesses and  
near Hospital Sungai Petani, court and other government offices.

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Management Hirearchy

Datuk Zainuri - Managing Director

Mrs. Asiah Hanim - General Manager

Mrs. Maznie - Management Officer

Chef Kamarul - Executive Chef

Mr. Suhaimy - F&B Exec

Chef Jamal - Sous Chef

Mr. Mohd Khairul Nizam - Steward

Capt. (B) Amran - Security Supervisor

Mr. Yahaya - Security

Mr. Hashim - Security

Mr. Che Amat - Public Area


Founder / Owner
Datuk Zainuri Bt. Mohd Zain

       The one who has all the luxuries, and then lost everything overnight, it will give an unforgettable impression. But for Datuk Zainuri Mohd Zain, past experience taught him the true meaning of life, but everything went considers the lessons that can ripen the soul and mind. Despite the obstacles that have gone bad, he is desperate to turn round his fate by themselves and their children. 
       "I am desperate to get what i owned before, but this time on my own efforts and hard work without expecting any assistance." "If the past is what is helping the banks, but now I own that are involved trying to organize things and enjoy the results of the run," said the entrepreneurs involved in the formation of Nuriz Inn hotel in Sungai Lalang and Nuriz Palace Hotel in Aman Jaya, Kedah . She also undertook various other businesses such as boutiques, spas, cafes, and marketing of cosmetic products. 
        This women began as a wholesaler of fruits on a small scale in Kedah. The fate of her side when it was not until a year working on the business, she was able to save money by implementing a larger project. For a start she distributes fruit dokong taken from Kelantan. To ensure that products sold meet the needs of customers, he traveled all around the night market is still Kedah for buyers. "I'm really starting from zero, but it does not mean I can only do so to that extent only. Gradually I tried to venture into other businesses. Basic business is the result of previous experience, I use it as soon as possible to ensure that key objectives are achieved. I also wanted to prove even though they experienced failure, does not mean we should give up," she said. 
         Rise from the fall, the son of teak Che Siti Wan Kembang states (Kelantan) began to establish networks Nuriz Cosmetics beauty products in 1997 and has now been established for 13 years in the local market. Zainuri or better known as Nurie said, she was born into the family business while her famili have fabric shops and stores equipment in addition to batik factories and tobacco. Even before this, she also married to the business and no doubt, women in Kelantan is well known in the business world. So it is not surprising that business flowing blood in the female soul is courageous. "If I could only see once, but now can feel self satisfaction when the business carried on profits. "The experience was very difficult to be explained as simply knowing ourselves and scream effortlessly poignant struggle to ensure the order of business success and acceptance," she said. 
        Although women's age 49 can be proud now, everything does not come easy. The passion and determination are needed to motivate yourself to succeed in addition to not hesitate to try and start from the bottom. "The success that I have now is not obtained easily, I challenged myself to excel. "Do not give up easily when faced with allegations in the life of the matter is otherwise resolved with determination and hope for continued success," she said. In fact, mother of six children was a great emphasis on education in educating children. For her, it is only through education that a person is able to independently without seeking the help and support of any party. In the modern world, without education we will be much missed, and the fact is learned with great distress in the relatively late age, but it is not cause for give up every time.

         Recalling the way her young life, she agreed to spend a lot of time with no fixed destination and direction are not so focused education. "I do not want the children in the footsteps of the time I was young that spend too much time to enjoy life without thinking about the future. "I hate to be sure they have their own direction in determining their future, so as not to suffer the same fate as me," she said. She also did not mean to share experience and always be open, but often advise colleagues to be more courageous in facing the trials and challenges of life. "We do not need to worry because food is everywhere as long as honest and committed and most importantly, do not be afraid of their own shadow because it can weaken us. "Do not be shy to begin with and when it is established, nor ignore it otherwise find a way to grow the business to a new level," she said.

         Datuk Zainuri also been awarded the 2005 Entrepreneur Example by Umno Merbok Kedah and in 2006 she gain the Entrepreneurial Excellence Award Malaysia 2006.


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